• Aussan is used to treat potable water for food processing and animal consumption.
  • Aussan may also be used to sanitise water required for drinking. In third world countries and in times of natural disaster Aussan can be used to treat drinking water.
  • Aussan kills bacteria on contact and as it mechanistically destroys the cellular membrane of the micro-organisms, the organisms are unable to build up resistance through mutation due to this unique killing action.
  • Aussan is non toxic, tasteless, colourless and odourless (at recommended dilutions) which makes it well suited to use as a potable water treatment. The residual efficacy of Aussan ensures that water vessels and water carrying equipment surfaces are also sanitised.

  • Aussan is a complex of bioflavanoids and organic acids derived from fruit and vegetables.

  • Infinitely soluble in water, Aussan is harmless to plants, animals and humans is being 100% Natural. Aussan is Certified in Australia with NASAA as an input for organic production/processing.

  • Aussan Potable Water Treatment is effective against a wide range of common water-borne pathogens.

  • Water recycling. Aussan is used to prevent bacteria growth in wash down and process water that is recycled such as in car and truck washing.

  • Aussan is effective against a wide range of bacteria including Legionalle pneunophilia.

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