For Sanitising Surfaces and Equipment Used in Food Areas: 

Aussan is manufactured in Australia from specially selected bioflavonoids and organic acids derived from vegetables and fruit and is totally harmless to humans and animals. Unlike many sanitisers, Aussan is not washed from the surface it has sanitised. It is left on the surface and continues to inhibit bacteria and kill mould/fungus until the loading exceeds the volume of Aussan present.

Anti-Bacterial – Kills Germs Removes & inhibits bacteria Bacteriostatic action 

Aussan is 100% Natural and Certified with NASAA as an input for organic production/processing. 100% NATURAL – 100% SAFE Food Safe Non-Rinse SANITISER Leaves behind a food safe, non-toxic film that prevents bacteria from multiplying MADE FROM NATURAL BIOLAVANOIDS AND ORGANIC ACID 

Example Applications

  • Eating Tables Spray or wipe with Aussan
  • Work Surfaces & Cutting Boards Wash and then spray or dip in Aussan.
    Do not wash the Aussan off, allow it to remain on the work bench or cutting board. The longer it remains the better it works.
  • Cutlery Wash cutlery and then sanitise in Aussan

  • Washing up water Add Aussan to washing up water to kill germs
  • Dishwashing cloths Soak in Aussan during the day and overnight.
  • Cookware After washing spray all kitchen utensils, pots and pans with Aussan and leave to dry.
  • Trolley’s & Trays After washing, spray or wipe with Aussan and allow to dry naturally.